About Hostel Belafuža

Hostel Belafuža, along with our popular Caffe bar My Way is set in really nice and peaceful neighbourhood in the middle of one of the most beautiful parts of Zadar called Belafuža. Our friendly and polite staff is there for you whenever you need them.


With our super fast and, of course FREE WI-FI, you’ll be connected with your friends, family and relatives fastest than you can imagine. Our service is working 0-24 and you can use it as much as you want. Free WI-FI is also available in the caffe bar.

Everything is very near Hoste, beaches, old town, bus station…

What you’ll also find interesting with our Hostel is that everything, and by everything we mean supermarkets, sea, the most beautiful beaches and old town is located from our Hostel virtually no more than 10 min...

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Video / Photo gallery

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Our services

12 beds

We can offer you 12 beds for sleeping in three different rooms. The rooms are nicely decorated and being in them, you’ll feel comfortable.

Living room and balcony

Our Hostel includes the living room for everyone and one very nicely decorated balcony where you can rest with your tablet, laptop or any other device with our 0-24 FREE WI-FI. Or you can rest without any device at all if you plan to just lay down and relax yourself!

Nice and polite staff whenever you need them

As we mentioned in our “About us” section of the page, our nice and polite staff is there for You whenever you need them.

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Zadar (historically known by other names) is a city in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. It is the centre of Zadar County and the wider northern Dalmatian region. Zadar is a historical center of Dalmatia as well as the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zadar.

Etymology and historical names

In antiquity, the origin of Iadera and Iader, the much older roots of the settlement’s names, was obscure, but the names were most probably related to a hydrographical term. It was coined by an ancient Mediterranean people and their Pre-Indo-European language. They transmitted it to later settlers, the Liburnians...

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Price list

One night in two-bed-room is 16 euros per bed/night.
Price for dormitory room with 5 beds is 12 euros per bed/night (for period from 1. september 2014. to 15. may 2015.)

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If you have any additional questions regarding the city and your stay, feel free to contact us!

E-mail: hostel.belafuza.zd@gmail.com

GSM/Telephone +385 92 25 30 137 (If you’re calling from Croatian SIM card, just type 092 2530 137 number)

We’re on your service whenever you need us.


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